Marriage and Family - the family is an essential life-giving part of the church and that it is a source of on-going vitality for the entire church. For more family support call or email our Family Life Director: Roxanne Chumley at (318)865-3581 or

RCIA - Right of Christian Initiation, for more information please visit our RCIA information page HERE or contact Jim Beadles at 318-470-9694 or e-mail at

Blessed Is She - We are a sisterhood of women who desire two things: prayer & community. And we are so excited to invited you to one of our two blessed is she groups. If you are interested or want more information please email for more info.

ACTS - Please prayerfully consider joining us for our upcoming ACTS retreat. The retreat dates are:
Men's Retreat: April 28 - May 1
All forms are to be mailed to the PO Box on the form. Registration forms can be found HERE.
For more information please contact Kevin Nolton at