First time tips


   esspeccially if you have kids that are attending the nursery. Our nursery is located in the side entrace (under the porqushe)  of our Family Life Center. 


   We are excited to have you join us and want all to feel comfortable. We ask that you dress as to not distract those around you from focusing on the Mass. 

I'm not Catholic

We love having visitors from all walks of life join us in celebrating Holy Mass. Catholics believe that the host is literally the body of Christ, transformed from bread by the priest presiding over the service. Most evangelicals think of Communion as symbolic, so it makes sense that they are not as strict about having the right relationship to it as Catholics and Orthodox Christians who believe it is a sacrament and the true presence of Christ. So, if you are not Catholic, we ask that you not receive communion.

Get Connected

"Go and make disciples of all nations." The Lord has called each of us to the work of evangelization. We want to help you live out this call by equipping your mind and heart for the work of the Lord. We have many different ministries that can help enrich your faith while providing a community that will support you in a life in service to Christ. 


Whether you are becoming a longtime parishoner, you are here serving at Barksdale Airforce Base, or are attending one of our colleges or med schools, we want you to feel connected and welcomed. Please fill out our online registration form to help us in welcoming you to our Church Community. 


Monday – Thursday: 8:30 am – 4:30 pm
Friday: 8:30 am – 12:00 pm
Saturday-Sunday: Closed

Very Rev. Matthew T. Long
Parochial Vicar
Rev. Kevin Mues

Church Office - (318) 865-3581


Family Life Center & Office:

211 Atlantic Ave. 71105

Church & Adoration Chapel

204 Patton Ave. 71105

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