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Ways to serve our parish:

Altar Serving:

Altar Servers assist the Priest at Mass and other liturgical celebrations.  Open to girls and boys 5th grade and older.  A training class is required.

Altar Society: 

St. Joseph Church Altar Society is made up of ladies of the parish who oversee and care for the interior of the Church; maintain the altar, linens, vestments, candles, and holy water; assist at parish funerals and work with other organizations in preparing food for bereaved families.  They also assist with the seasonal decorating, sewing and floral needs of the church.

Contact the Church office if you would like to be apart of the St. Joseph Altar Society or for more information.


The lector is instituted to proclaim the readings from Sacred Scripture, with the exception of the Gospel.


Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion (EMHC):  

Minister to the church community by assisting the Priest in distributing the Body and Blood of Christ to the faithful.

This ministry is open to women and men who are registered parishioners in good standing, including young adults.  Must be confirmed and 18 years of age or older.


Sacristans arrive early before daily morning and evening Masses to prepare all that is needed for the Mass.  Sacristans also assist during daily Masses and clean-up after.

Ushers & Gift Bearers:

Ushers arrive 20 minutes before Mass, usher people to their seats, are responsible for the offertory collection, and help with orderly communion lines.  Open to both women and men.

Gift Bearers are individuals or families of the faithful who bring forward the gifts at the beginning of the Liturgy of the Eucharist.  The gifts are presented to the priest or deacon.

Lead a Bible Study or a fellowship group: If you are interested in leading a study or group please contact our Family Life Director - Angela BonDurant at

Teach one of our Parish School or Religion classes: We are always in need of help to educating our young people in the faith. Our Director of Religious Education can help you discover if this is a right fit for you! Contact Marijo Jones at

Outreach Opportunity: 

Meals  on Wheels:
Meals on Wheels is a service in which St. Joseph parishioners volunteer to bring meals to the elderly in our neighborhood for the Caddo Council on Aging. It is a great way for people to reach out to all the elderly of our community, and not just our own elderly parishioners.

Please contact the Church office for information on how to become a Meals on Wheels driver.


St. Vincent de Paul Society:
The St. Vincent de Paul Society is an international organization of lay persons wishing to live their faith by loving and serving others, as did Jesus, in a spirit of justice, charity, and person-to-person involvement.  Three types of membership include active members, associate members, and contributing members.

The group provides temporary emergency assistance such as food, shelter, help with medical needs, and payment of utility bills; and we attempt to find ways to alleviate problems through help with budgeting and financial planning.  We also visit the lonely, sick, and shut-ins in homes and nursing homes, provide transportation to Church or medical facilities, and operate a food pantry for those in need.

SVdP Hotline – 318-865-7807

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